Directly cut and pasted …

From a long time client and gallery owner from back home in Ft Wayne IN!


I finally got to sit down and open these- I got some tears in my eyes!!!!
How am I going to pick any of these to get printed= I don’t have enough walls-  I love the family by the trees- we  are all smiled and all looked at you!!!


Charley Shirmeyer -Northside Galleries, Inc.

My answer to his questions … I can do it well because I have wonderful open minded trusting clients! And I love it!  Thanks Charley and Christina!!  You have a beautiful family and thank you for allowing me to be the one to document them every year!

peace . jenn

Lyceum Dean Ballroom Wedding! – Thanks Candace & William!

Sent to Jenn Ocken in an email today!

“Thanks so much for your amazing work. It was really a pleasure working with you. I love love love the pictures! You have truly captured the essence of the wedding. These are memories we will have for a lifetime and we really appreciate it!”

Candace & William – Married at the Lyceum Dean Ballroon in Dowtown Baton Rouge, LA.

speechless … Thank you Amy!

Here is what a client posted on their blog about me and my passion for photography … I am so blessed to have such loving clients that understand why I do what I do. Thank you Amy!

There’s Always Somethin’ blog post by Amy Phuphanich Fennell

Rachel & Kenny Hebert – It was awesome experience!

“From the very beginning Jenn and the team at Ocken Photography were just as excited about our upcoming wedding as we were! Their evident excitement made them so much fun to work with. Throughout the engagement session, creation of our save the dates, bridal portrait session, and all of the wedding festivities Kenny and I always commented on how easy and effortless it was working with Jenn and the team. But fun and ease aside, the quality of our photos and albums were unparalleled. Jenn is not just a wedding photographer, she is an artist and this is obvious in the beautiful memories that she captures! We strongly recommend Ocken Photography to anyone seeking not just a photographer, but a team who will make your entire wedding experience more enjoyable.”

Rachel Gates Hebert & Kenny Hebert  – Scared Heart Academy


Mother of the groom loves her album

In a letter to Marie Ross of Ocken Photography from Marie Caravalhido (mother of a Joe Caravalhido).

Marie, Please go ahead with the album as you sent it to me. Can’t see how I could improve on it. I love the way you laid out Brittany and Joseph’s Wedding Day Story. Although the album you put together is beautiful, with all of the pictures I’m looking to put into it I would end up with a book too heavy to lift so I went ahead and ordered pictures I just felt I couldn’t live without. Thank you so much for your help. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the creativity, talent and patiance both you and Jenn displayed during our selection process. Be well and I hope to see you soon. (Can you imagine what it will be like when grandchildren come)

Marie C

Reminiscing inspires gratitude …

This post will have no photographs or will it be promoting any specials or giving you an up-to-date on the latest happenings for Ocken Photography. Today this post is dedicated to two people that mean so much to me. I have so much gratitude for my brothers, Bob and Chris and with reminiscing this morning came an inspiration for expression.

“I have decided to dedicate my creative passion to telling peoples’ stories. Everyday is precious and everyday is a blessing, any minute I am holding my camera I want to be capturing the fine art of life. I dedicate my life to it and everyday I will celebrate it.”

One of my affirmation from when I lived in Chicago. January 2003

As a young documentary photographer I was inspired by two amazing mentors. Their critiques and guidance are not only driven by their devotion to the camera but by the love for their little sister. Everyday I am grateful for the encouragement, the heartache, the forgiveness, and the love we incur as family of photographers. Everyday I am a better photographer because of these two men. I am grateful for the passion and respect for photography these two have and instilled in me.

Bob & Chris, I love you both and thank you for everything.

peace & blessings . jenn

Smith-Hengens Wedding

Lauren Smith and Scott Hengens had a beautiful, small ceremony at the Houmas House for just their family. Even though it was raining, we had a great time!

“Thank you so much for the time and energy you gave to me and Scott on Saturday,” says the bride. “You were unbelievable. You didn’t let the rain stop you, and you kept such a positive attitude! I have had so many people tell me what a great job you did and what a wonderful person you were to work with. I am so excited to see the pictures because I know they are going to be beautiful. I cannot thank you enough.”






Luke Jackson (via his mom, Nancy Jackson)

From sweet Luke Jackson, who is all of four years old: When we got home yesterday, Luke said, “That was the most awesomest picture day ever!” Can’t wait to see the pics!

-Nancy Jackson, Arlington Heights, IL

Nancy Chesson – Old State Capitol Event Coordinator

Thank you for your immediate response to my request for the bridal pictures to be sent to Sameer. As always it is such a pleasure to work with such a professional!

– Nancy Chesson, Marketing and Events Coordinator Louisiana’s Old State Capitol

Thanks to the model, Charlotte Cox, Bustle Baton Rouge for the dress, Rene Uze (hair) and the Old State Capitol for helping me produce such a beautiful portrait.

Marion Davis & Harry Jacob, MD

Marion and Harry Waving

Chris was fantastic. He immediately became part of the family. No one knew he was the photographer. Best of all, our pictures are breathtaking…. They capture each expression, each emotion. Our friends and families all say they are the best photographs they have ever seen. Chris will be part of us forever.

— Long Island, NY (married in Chicago, December 2007)