Lyceum Dean Ballroom Wedding! – Thanks Candace & William!

Sent to Jenn Ocken in an email today!

“Thanks so much for your amazing work. It was really a pleasure working with you. I love love love the pictures! You have truly captured the essence of the wedding. These are memories we will have for a lifetime and we really appreciate it!”

Candace & William – Married at the Lyceum Dean Ballroon in Dowtown Baton Rouge, LA.

Humboldt Park – 30 photos

Fall is in the air.  So I will be photographing in Humboldt Park as the colors evolve and posting at least one photo per day for the next 30 days (sometimes two, like today).  I plan on staying inside Humboldt Park (the actual park, not the neighborhood), but I will not necessarily shoot only the fall colors.  Enjoy the next thirty post!