Q: How would you describe your style and philosophy?

A: Our style could be explained as fine art documentary — or maybe “enhanced wedding photojournalism.” We look for the little moments that weave the fabric of your wedding day and seek to capture the best of you and your guests.

We focus less on traditional “posed” wedding photography, but we are sure to capture the important group pictures you request (quickly and carefully so you can get on to the party!).

Our unobtrusive technique allows you to drift comfortably through your wedding day, sometimes without even being aware of our presence, with the assurance that we are creating natural, beautiful, storytelling images as your day unfolds.

Q: Do you shoot film or digital images?

A: We use digital cameras for all our work — from weddings to concerts to commercial photo shoots. After significant research and experience, we have determined that this enables us to offer you better results. Digital technology has progressed to the point that the prints we produce are equal or superior to prints made from film, and images can be easily printed as color or black and white. Using a digital camera reduces our per-image cost and allows us to instantly spot-check images for quality and clarity during your event.

This means we can take more pictures and present you with a better selection. Digital files also allow us to deliver your pictures more quickly, and as an added bonus, the files are backed up in multiple locations for extra long-term safety and protection.

Q: How many photographs do you typically take at a wedding?

A: We typically shoot about 1000 pictures during an event. This is because we shoot multiple images of each particular scene to ensure the very best quality. When we return to the studio, we edit this take down to around 500 unique images. If your wedding celebration goes longer than 8 hours, we usually shoot an additional 50 to 100 images per hour after that, which usually adds about 20 pictures per hour to the delivered number.

Q: Are there time or photograph limits to your services?

A: We generally include a set number of hours of the photographer’s time with the creative fee for your event. However, we devote the entire day to you and your wedding, so if additional hours are needed as the celebration continues, or if you need us to arrive early, we are available to do this. We have a per-hour charge for extra time you require, which includes our time and the additional photographs we take.

Q: What if your camera breaks?

A: This has never happened to us at an event! We keep our equipment in good repair and upgrade it often. In addition, for every piece of equipment we bring to your wedding, we have at least one back-up, often two.

Q: Do you bring an assistant?

A: We determine if an assistant is needed on a case-by-case basis. If you feel, for any reason, that there should be an assistant helping us at your wedding, we will be happy to bring one at no extra charge.

Q: Do we get a copy of each picture or just contact sheets?

A: We are very proud to say that we offer a complete set of 4×6 original prints of your wedding images. These images are beautifully toned for true color, and they are not marked on the front. All the copyright and image identifications are on the back, which allows these images to be framed or placed in an album.

In addition, each image is also posted online for you and anyone else you choose to provide with the password to see and order. We can also make a second set of your originals for one dollar each if you order them along with your first set. Some couples choose to order one color set and one black and white set so they can see each image both ways.

Q: Do I get to keep my originals (proofs)?

A: Yes, any pictures that are given to you as part of our agreement are yours to keep. We will never ask for them back.

Q: Can I purchase the reproduction rights to my images?

A: Yes, when you purchase your wedding album you will also receive all the digital files on a CD-ROM. If you do not wish to purchase an album from us, we will be happy to create a high-resolution CD-ROM for you for an additional fee.

Q: Do I have to order online or can I choose custom, studio-made prints instead?

A: Of course! While we guarantee the quality of any prints purchased online, we are also happy to custom-make fine art prints of your images. All our albums include studio-made prints, providing us (and you!) with complete control over the final product.

Q: Is it true that digital prints don’t last as long as prints from film?

A: This is true for pictures printed from a computer, especially with an ink-jet printer. However, we use a professional photo lab that prints our digital files the same way they would a negative — by exposing photographic paper. We are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all our prints.

Q: What if you are unable to photograph our wedding?

A: We have been shooting weddings for more than 10 years and haven’t missed one yet! Our company is comprised of three siblings, one of which is always the lead photographer at an event, and we would call upon one another if an alternate photographer were required. In an extreme emergency when none of us could make it, we have a select group of extremely capable and experienced “super assistants” who could step in for us. (But again, this has never happened.)

Q: Where can I find pricing information?

A: Our services are customized to your needs, so it is best for us to begin by finding out a bit about you and your plans. Please fill out and email us a wedding information request form, and we will be happy to send you details and pricing about the services you may need. Be sure to include your wedding date so we can check our availability. To access our wedding information request form, please click here.