Great questions to ask your photographer

1. Can you guarantee that I will know who will be the photographer for my wedding? Will it be the person I am meeting with?

2. Will you be able to tell me which photographer created the images in the samples you are providing?

3. Will I have the opportunity to view several complete weddings from your company?

4. Please describe your photographic style. Is it traditional? Photojournalism?

5. What is your background or credentials in photography? How many years have you been in business?

6. Do you offer color and black and images with your service? Is there an extra fee for more black and white images?

7. Do you shoot with film or with digital cameras? What size files does the digital camera create?

8. Do you book multiple weddings on the same day? Are you available for all-day or all-weekend coverage? How do you charge for extended coverage?

9. Do you have an assistant with you at weddings? Can I hire a second photographer?

10. Do you charge to travel to several locations on the day of the wedding for pictures?

11. Do you have a travel fee and when do you charge for travel?

12. Do you offer online viewing of my wedding images? Can I share these online images with family and friends? Can anyone view and order my images off the web or are they password protected?

13. Do you offer a CD and usage rights to my images? Do the usage rights expire? What do they include?

14. Can you customize a plan that will accommodate my needs for wedding photography?

15. What type of albums do you offer? Do I have to make a decision now on the size and style of album I would like?

16. Will there ever be a time when my images are no longer be available to me?